GVNG and CharityBids Launch Celebrity Virtual Experience Auction on Charitybuzz to Help in the COVID-19 Battle

GVNG and CharityBids announced a major celebrity campaign, partnering with Charitybuzz, to raise funds for critically needed medical supplies for hospitals around America. GVNG and CharityBids will be auctioning off virtual experiences with celebrities, with funds going to the EndCovid-19.org, a nonprofit project which is purchasing emergency medical equipment for hospitals. The campaign can be seen live here: Virtual Experience Charity Buzz and the first auction will end on Friday.

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Celebrities who have jumped on the auction campaign so far include: David Blaine, Naomi Campbell, Jeremy Piven, Ne-Yo, Big Boi (OutKast), Val Kilmer, Katherine McPhee, George Lopez, Kenan Thompson, Chris Mintz Platz, David Foster, Kristin Chenoweth, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Mario Lopez, Pia Toscano, Lior Suchard, JaRule, Lolo Jones, Paul Greene, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Harry Hamlin, Lisa Rinna and more.

The team behind the campaign is headed up by Dominic Kalms, CEO of GVNG, alongside the CEO of CharityBids, Israel Schachter.

Kalms co-founded the campaign after getting calls from his doctor friends who were complaining about the dangerous conditions at hospitals and the lack of medical equipment, and together Kalms and Israel reached out to their celebrity friends to get the campaign live, which is already generating thousands of dollars in bids.

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Kalms stated “I couldn’t believe this was happening in America, I don’t think people really understand how bad the situation is at our hospitals, so I decided to do something with my resources and now we have already distributed our first grant which was used to purchase Surgical Masks, KN95 Masks, Safety Goggles, Face shields, and Medical Gowns for a large hospital in Washington, State . We are already making an impact on the ground and helping doctors, nurses and medical professionals across our country, and that is exactly what we wanted to do.” 

Israel went on to say “Everyone is sitting at home feeling helpless. Everyone would like to help. I figured this would be the best time to reach out to celebrity friends to ask for their support in this campaign. We are all in this together and must be there for the dedicated front line Doctors and Nurses. I hope to continue adding more and more celebrities over the coming weeks so that we reach hospitals across the country.”

Charitybuzz President Ben Erwin adds, “The rapid, strategic response of EndCovid-19 and its coalition of partners is impressive and underscores why we exist as a digital auction platform for nonprofits. We’re grateful to be able to play a small role in helping so many generous individuals leverage their time for a vital cause.”

As featured on HOLR Magazine.

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