• Adrenaline rush fighter pilot experience for one, subject to availability
  • 3-night, double occupancy, five-star hotel accommodations on The Strip in Las Vegas, subject to availability
  • Roundtrip economy class airfare for two, between two major airports within the 48 contiguous United States to Las Vegas, NV, subject to availability
  • Concierge service to assist you in planning this exciting trip


If you want to experience the most amazing, butt-kicking, extreme adventure of a lifetime, then look no further!

This experience includes intense Sky Combat air-to-air dogfighting and world-class aerobatics. This is not a simulation. You are flying real high-performance airplanes with real fighter pilots. That’s right, YOU are at the controls as YOU execute the air-to-air combat tactics that have been developed from the earliest days of the Red Baron.

Don’t worry, you don’t need any flight experience, just a need for speed! Under the supervision of an expert combat fighter pilot, you will be taught the art of basic fighter manoeuvres, which will enable you to outmanoeuvre your opponent and get the kill.

Once you hit the merge, it’s Fight’s On in their amazing 330 horsepower Extra 330LC’s, which will give you every thrill of an actual aerial dogfight, including the satisfaction of scoring a direct hit with the optical targeting system and watching the smoke come out of your opponent’s aircraft.

Once you are done dogfighting, it’s time for the aerobatics! These aircraft feature the latest in aerodynamic technology and you will be hanging on for dear life as your instructor demonstrates how to execute loops, rolls, Cuban 8’s, hammerheads and if you fly the Extra 330; tail slides, spins and a Lomcevak (tumble).

Cap it all off with a dynamic low level through the beautiful mountains and valleys surrounding Las Vegas, culminating in an element surface attack mission against a SA-5 simulated ground target. After this adrenaline packed experience continue the fun enjoying all that Las Vegas has to offer.