• One instructed tactical training course experience with Rona-Lee Shimon, dates subject to availability*
  • Meet & greet for one person with Rona-Lee Shimon (at course location)
  • Take photos with Rona-Lee Shimon & request an autograph
  • Equipment usage: premium firearm with a red dot sight, two hundred rounds of ammunition, eye & ear protection
  • Refreshments
  • Concierge service to assist you in planning this exciting experience

*This experience is only scheduled once every six weeks, and is subject to course & actor availability


Rona-Lee Shimon is an outstanding singer and actress from Israel with several credits to her name. She’s starred in films including A Quiet Heart, Policeman, and Leak, but her role as Nurit on Netflix’s hit series Fauda (Arabic for “chaos”) has taken the world by storm! Playing Nurit, the only woman recruited to an elite unit of soldiers who combat terrorism in the West Bank, she’s tough, brilliant, beautiful, and longs to spend more time in the field! We watch Nurit go undercover, fight for her life in hand to hand combat, engage in intense shoot outs, and battle emotional turmoil.

Join Rona-Lee on a tactical course just north of LA, where you’ll navigate firearms courses on foot, from a moving vehicle, and from aboard a helicopter! No experience is required, although those with basic firearms handling experience will find it easier. You will have a certified, experienced instructor with you at all times who will teach you the basics. As soon as you feel comfortable, you’ll get to shoot at various targets from a seated position, elevated platforms, and moving vehicles!