About Charity Bids

What is CharityBids mission?

CharityBids (CB) helps nonprofits impress donors, increase revenues and build mission awareness by providing them with no-risk charity auction items of exclusive and priceless trips and experiences.

Who founded CharityBids?

CharityBids was co-founded by Israel Schachter, Ronen Lazar and Charlie Ifrah in 2009. Each of them have made their marks in the world of charity fundraising through successful fundraising campaigns that they initiated on behalf of charities they support. The entire CharityBids team is comprised of nonprofit professionals who have worked in the Third Sector for many years.

Why will working with CB benefit my org?

Because our management team is so well-experienced  in the field of charity fundraising and marketing, we are uniquely  positioned to help your charity raise its public profile, attract new donors and increase revenue. A successful event this year will help guarantee future fundraising success.

What makes CharityBids unique?

CharityBids offers the most exclusive and unique experiences of any consignment company. Our vast network of contacts in the travel and entertainment fields allows us to provide packages no one else can offer at the most competitive prices on the market.

Additionally, our customer service is second to none – whether it’s work with an organization’s team prior to the event or working with winning bidders post-event. A designated travel designer from our team provides full concierge service to each winner to ensure their full satisfaction.


For how long are certificates valid after winning something at auction?

Trips and experiences won at  auction may be redeemed and booked with CharityBids for 12 months from the date of the event.

Can I sell more than one of these packages in my auction?

Definitely! Our team partners with your event planners to choose one or multiple packages to offer at your charity auction. You can choose as many packages as you want. We also encourage you to sell multiples of the same package at your event, if great interest in the experience is generated. People want memories and experiences they’ll remember a lifetime- why not offer that to multiple attendees?!

How much should we sell the packages for?

It is important to ensure that your charity profits on the very first bid placed. We generally recommend that the reserve bid be set at 10% more than your consignment price. Setting it any higher to start with often scares potential bidders away. Start it low. With the right audience and choice of auction item, you’ll get enough excitement from your donors to drive the price higher.

Should we provide our winning bidders with any written confirmation at the event?

Yes. We will provide you with winning bidder certificates for each of the experiences you choose that include all of the necessary information that a winning bidder needs in order to book their experience.

Can a winning bidder add to or change details of their package after the auction?

With the understanding that many of the people purchasing our experiences at charity auctions are doing so primarily to lend additional support to a charity they care about, we are incredibly flexible when it comes to changing details of the package they win. At the end of the day, the more accommodating we are, and the better we make them feel about their purchase, the more likely they are to continue to support your charity in the future.

Does our organization have to pay for the travel packages before we offer them at our auction?

You do not pay up front. All of our packages are available on a no-risk, consignment basis. CharityBids does not receive any payment until after a winning bid has been submitted at your event. Once you have closed up the event, CB will invoice your charity for any experiences that have sold. Once payment has been submitted, CB  reaches out to winning bidders to begin booking their experience (in the event that the winning bidder has not already been in touch).

Can our organization remove airfare and/or hotel from CB experiences?

All of our travel packages and experiences may be modified. Please be in touch with us if there is something you wish to change with an existing experience that we offer, or to ask us to customize a new experience for your charity event.

How many trips should we offer?

We will work with you to determine your needs and how to best use our packages to create a successful event. In general, consignment is meant to be used to supplement the in-kind donations that a charity has received from generous donors and local businesses. As such, we recommend, in most cases, that the number of trips and experiences offered in auction does not exceed 25% of what’s being put up for auction. If you plan to put out 100 auction items, choose trips and experiences that best suit your audience and sprinkle no more than 25 of them throughout your auction. In addition to choosing items based on your expected audience, variety is also important. The more variety there is, the better the chances are that people will bid on them.

Can we sell a trip more than once?

Most definitely! If attendees express interest in a specific experience, you should sell multiples of that package.


What does “risk free” packages mean?

Your charity does not need to pay in advance for the packages. Payment only happens after a winning bid has been submitted and authorized by your charity. If the package isn’t bought, you do not need to pay for it.

Do the auction items have images?

Each experience we offer has a full-color PDF with images and information for you to use as a display in your auction.

Can you customize a package that is currently not listed on your website?

If your organization has a specific experience you want to offer at your event, we are happy to work with you to make it happen.

NOTE: When being asked to put in the time and effort to custom-tailor an experience for you to offer at your event, we generally expect you to include some of our standard packages as well. We have contacts throughout North America in the travel and entertainment industries and we will do our best to fulfill your request. Unless you want 2 tickets to Hamilton for next weekend – that might take a bit longer to secure. The impossible we do instantly; miracles take a bit longer :).