How It Works


Prior to your charity’s event, our team speaks with the event planners to understand the organization’s fundraising and marketing needs. Among the things we discuss are:

  • Where the event is taking place
  • The target audience / attendees coming to the event and your donors (who may not be attending the event but may want to participate)
  • How much your organization is looking to raise
  • The age of the attendees
  • If there will be celebrities or special guests attending

We then work to find the right experience packages to engage your attendees, enhance your event and generate the maximum revenue possible.

We can also provide guidance with the actual planning of the event. Our knowledge and expertise with organizing and running charity auctions could be beneficial to your charity and help save you time prior to the event.

2At the event

We will provide you with a PDF for each of the trips or experiences you choose to offer at auction  which include all of the information that a potential bidder would need to know before placing their bid. We also provide you with winning bidder certificates for each of the experiences you choose that include all of the necessary information that a winning bidder needs in order to book their experience.


Once you have informed us who the winning bidders are, our full concierge service kicks into action. An experienced and dedicated travel designer from our offices works one-on-one with each winning bidder to build an experience that will be convenient, enjoyable and memorable. We are committed to making sure that your donors are fully satisfied as their satisfaction is important to your charity’s future fundraising efforts.

We would be happy to talk with your event organizers and learn more about your auction needs. Simply fill out this form or call us at: 1-888-909-BIDS