Through CB Packages, charities, corporations, and auctioneers are easily able to impress donors and increase revenues at their events by choosing auction items from our catalog of over 200 highly sought-after, priceless, and otherwise unattainable experiences, all with zero risk to them.


Built by a team with extensive experience in the non-profit fundraising space, CB Packages has a deep understanding as to the needs of charities. Our vast network of contacts in the travel and entertainment arenas, allows us to offer the most exclusive packages at the most competitive prices.


CB Packages has select, strategic partners throughout the US and Canada, who are able to offer our packages to their employees as part of incentive programs, or to their charity clients for display at their events. We guarantee the highest commissions in the business.


Top-notch service and ease-of-use are at the forefront of our business model. We keep our partners` brands front and center throughout the entire sales and fulfillment process. You just do the sales, and we take care of all the back-office work on behalf of YOUR company!


Keeping the client happy at all times is the most important piece of the puzzle. CB Packages does not use flight or hotel vouchers when providing these trips. A full-service concierge works with each client to ensure the most convenient and enjoyable experience possible.


Reservation, payment, fulfillment and shipping modules are all available to our clients so that they can manage their events in a simple and seamless manner. Customized bid sheets, with your logo displayed on each page, can easily be generated directly from our site.

"Thank you so much for going the extra mile! It means everything to so many and to me! With Love,"

- Alicia Keys

"You guys have gone way above and beyond in your support for PESC. God Bless you!"

- Emmitt Smith

"Thank you for allowing me the joy of helping."

- Drake

"May all the generosity that you give -- the love, the good energy -- all of it, come back to you tenfold. I am truly blessed to call you friends ... you're true Angels."

- Emmanuelle Chriqui

"There is nobody who understands the world of charity and customer service like you do. On behalf of all of my clients and their supporters, thanks for always going above and beyond with everything that you do. It is a pleasure working with you!"

- JS, Auctioneer

− JS, Auctioneer

"You nailed it with the Super Bowl package! The hotel and seats were right in the action and the tailgate and weekend parties were incredible! But the field passes put it all over the top! Here's a pic of us HOLDING THE TROPHY AFTER THE GAME!!"

- RJ (Greenwich, CT)

− RJ (Greenwich, CT)

"Your donation brought some much needed fun and excitement to some children who have missed out on on some normal teenage life....not that limos and face-to-face meetings with celebrities are normal...but you know what I mean."

- DB (Toronto, Canada)

− DB (Toronto, Canada)

"I don't know how the hell you pull off the things that you do ... all I know is that we went to Jingle Ball and met every single one of the performers backstage!!! We will never forget this night for as long as we live. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're the BEST!!"

- BL (New York, NY)

− BL (New York, NY)

"I thank you for your constant communication, honesty and persistence throughout our days in Hawaii. Knowing that there was someone looking after us at all times allowed us to truly enjoy every minute of our much-needed vacation."

- MM (West Orange, NJ)

− MM (West Orange, NJ)

"There are no words to thank you for your generosity and care. The package that you donated to our event raised over $14,000 in auction! We will be using those funds to send over a dozen children from poverty-stricken homes to summer camps..."

- HK (Los Angeles, CA)

− HK (Los Angeles, CA)

"Thanks SO much ... we had an AMAZING time!! In addition to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and Jimmy Fallon tickets that you organized for us, we went to the Rockettes and 3 Broadway shows while in NYC! My daughter is over the moon!"

- BR (Dallas, TX)

− BR (Dallas, TX)

"From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for a truly unforgettable evening and act of kindness."

- DG (Chicago, IL)

− DG (Chicago, IL)

"I still cannot believe that you got Michael Bolton and Kenny G involved in my proposal scheme. She said YES! Will you come to our wedding?!"

- HJ (San Francisco, CA)

− HJ (San Francisco, CA)

"Thank you for reaching out to our clients to ensure all went well and for helping us fix a big mess caused by numerous flight delays and cancellations while you yourself were on vacation. I'm blown away by what you were able to pull off for them from 30,000 feet up!"

- JG, Auctioneer

− JG, Auctioneer

"I want you to know that I very much appreciated all you did to finagle those Grammy after party tickets last night on such short notice. After all, it ended up being one of the "best parts of the night" as you'll see from attached pictures!"

- JG (Cleveland, OH)

− JG (Cleveland, OH)

"The ladies had an unbelievable time which they have been raving about for days. I'm so grateful for you taking the time to arrange this most memorable birthday experience for Jenny. She was extremely impressed with your readily available list of contacts on your phone and loved each new surprise as it unfolded."

- Fortune 500 CEO

− Fortune 500 CEO


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